Stand Alone Use
     Secure DNC can be used as a stand alone unit. The program is stored onto a digital media device such as a USB thumb drive. The digital media is then inserted into the Secure DNC unit where the operator uses the touch screen to select the file to run. With permission the operator can even choose which line to start from. The file is then sent to the machine control.

    When installed on a network Secure DNC appears as a drive with its own IP address. Program files are stored on a server PC. Each Secure DNC communicated with the server via standard cat5 cable and hubs or wireless with optional 802.11G interface. The number of workstations you can have is limited only by the number of stations your network can support.

    To load a file onto the control the machine operator uses Secure DNC's touch screen to locate the desired program from a folder on the host PC and downloads it to the Secure DNC unit. The operator can view and run the program from any starting point and with permission can edit lines of code as needed. However, the operator cannot upload files back to the server. This can be done by saving to the digital media then overwriting on the server or other authorized PC on the network. This feature keeps files secure and ensures only approved files are in the library.
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