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Tom Grant Newport News, VA

"The SecureDNC allows us to maintain control over our workflow, minimizes downtime due to hardware problems, and keeps our programs secure. Our guys can edit and modify programs and I don't have to worry about paying somebody to watch a movie or play solitaire. Best of all I don't have to worry about viruses!"

Paul Sillaro, Hampton, VA.
"The Secure DNC is a real time saver. Before, I had to hook a laptop up to my machines and upload a program. Sometimes, different cables were needed for different machines. Now with a Secure DNC at each machine, I can run a program right from the network. This unit is fast, simple, and efficient. I recommend them to all my fellow machinists."

 Heinz Buamann, Pearland TX.

"It has been three weeks since you installed the 6 Secure DNC units in my shop and I am excited to report that everything is working great. My guys are already preaching the benefits of this system. The touch screen is easy to read and very user friendly. They love downloading programs directly to each machine instead of going through the old CAM PC's. We have even run the same program on multiple machines simultaneously. You have a great product that I would recommend."

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