Secure DNC Industrial

  • Program input via Compact Flash Card or Ethernet/Network(cat5).
  • Heavy duty steel enclosure for harsh environments.
Secure DNC Lite
  • Program input via          USB thumb drive, Compact Flash Card,      or Ethernet/Network.
  • Compact lightweight plastic enclosure for standard use.

Both Units
  • 3.5" Industrial touch screen with adjustable backlight intensity and screen contrast viewable even in bright locations.
  • Unit parameters are saved internally and password protected to prevent loss or changes.
  • RS232 setting include software , control (XON/XOFF), hardware control (CTS/RTS), 1 or 2 stop bits, parity bit, number of data bits, line delay, and communication initiation selection.
  • Selectable end of line delimiters available for CNC controls with protocols that differ from the uploaded program. For example, a FANUC program can be run on a FAGOR control allowing a shop with multiple control types to run the same program.
  • Software filters available for G and M code conversions on custom controls.
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