Features & Benefits

Assurance in Security
  • Files are encrypted keeping programs from being used elsewhere.
  • There is no PC so viruses and game playing are eliminated.
  • Meets Top Secret and High Security requirements.
  • Part files can be downloaded from PC or Digital Media.
  • No overwriting programs Secure DNC allows downloads only.
  • Network port can be tagged out preventing unit from going online.
  • Programs cannot be modified without permission.
  • Digital media containing the program file can be destroyed after use.



  • Easy to use, little to no learning curve.
  • Flexible setup options allow customization to your application.
  • It is usable to any CNC control with RS232 input.
  • Easy to see touch-screen with backlight for navigation.
  • Programs from one control type can be run on a different control. For example a program written for a FANUC control can be run on a FAGOR control.



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